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Feature Details Help

The feature details page lists what is known about a feature and its correspondences.

Acc ID
Unique accession ID.
Feature Type
The type of a feature.
Feature Name
The name of the feature. This is the text that is displayed as the feature label in the map image.
Synonyms, aliases, or other names by which a feature may be known.
Map on which this feature may be found. Click on "View on Map" to see the map with the feature highlighted.
The start position of a feature.
The stop position of a feature. No entry ("NULL") means that the feature is a point.
Cross-References and Attributes
Any links to external databases or additional attributes the curator has defined.
This table lists all the corresponding features from other maps associated with the feature. Click on the feature's name to view the feature details page for the corresponding feature. "View On Map" takes you to the appropriate map with the corresponding feature highlighted. "Comparative View" also takes you to the Map Viewer, but with both the original reference map and the corresponding map being compared.